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Are You a Retailer Looking for a Simple, Effective Customer Loyalty Rewards Program?

Retailers today have it tough. Competition is fierce in most markets. And getting people to be loyal to your brand is tricky. This is why a great customer loyalty rewards program can make all the difference.

What Makes a GREAT customer loyalty rewards program?

According to a 2019 Bond report, the average person belongs to nearly 15 loyalty rewards programs by is only active in about seven. Also, 73% of people "are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs" and are more likely to do business with them personally.

Especially interesting was that older consumers were more likely to engage in a customer loyalty rewards program than younger according to YouGov.

Clearly, customer rewards loyalty programs are the best way convenience stores and similar retailers, hair and nail salons, and restaurants can increase sales through repeat business.

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Yet, with so many competing customer loyalty rewards programs on the market today, it can be tough to know which is best for a retailer, salon, or restaurant.

For instance, would it be better for customers to receive a wallet card or log on to an app? How much information should be requested when setting up the program? And more to the point, how should rewards be distributed?

Let us consider each of these questions with a view to how consumers respond.

Is a Wallet Card, App, or Something Else Ideal for a Rewards Program?

According to a Harris Poll, roughly a third of customers will avoid a loyalty program that requires an app and over 3/4 will avoid one that requires the use of a card.

This means that the idea loyalty rewards program should avoid cards and apps. At first, this seems odd given the enormous popularity of apps, but think again. Recall that people want convenience. If they must sign in to an app before receiving their rewards or carry around multiple cards, they tend to avoid that program.

Thus, the ideal rewards program will be simple to use. What about the application process?

How Much Information Should be Gathered at Signup?

When customers sign up for a customer loyalty program, most prefer simple. The same Harris Poll found that 71% prefer a rewards program that does not collect much personal information and a quarter would be less likely to join. The poll also found that 3/4 would be more likely to join if the only information requested was their phone number and name.

This makes sense because, as BBC News pointed out, many such programs sell customer information. In an age when personal information must be guarded more than ever before, a loyalty rewards program that requests the LEAST information is best.

What about access to rewards given?

How Are Customer Loyalty Rewards Best Given?

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Oakes Marketing Consultants has partnered with Lonestar Marketing to provide a simple, effective customer loyalty rewards program designed for small businesses like c-stores, restaurants, and hair/nail salons in SW Louisiana and elsewhere. Contact Jeff Oakes at 337-660-4774 to learn more. We provide Digital Marketing for Lake Charles, Beaumont, Lafayette, Alexandria, Louisiana and all points between.

The third leg of a customer loyalty rewards program is collecting the benefits. Programs that make getting the rewards for loyalty difficult or cumbersome eventually lose out. For instance, Albertson's supermarkets have a rewards program that is easy-to-sign up for an use, but getting the rewards is not as simple. As one consumer we spoke with said,

"I stopped using it because the rewards either expire or are too hard to cash in. You have to give them your email, then access them online, keep up with a password. It's just too much."

And this is in line with what HelloWorld found about loyalty programs. They found that over half of consumers do not like when it takes a long time to earn rewards while 39% do not like the program if earning rewards is the least bit difficult.

In other words, the old adage Keep It Simple Stupid.

The Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

To recap, the best customer loyalty rewards program will provide three key elements. These are:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Simple to apply with little personal information given
  3. Quick, easy rewards system

Oakes Marketing Consultants has found such a program. In fact, this program is so good that we have partnered with them to provide our clients both old and new with it.

The LoneStar Marketing Customer Rewards Loyalty program is a CARDLESS system that makes it easy for customers to both apply and use. Rewards can be adjusted and are simple to enjoy. Further, the program makes use of popular SMS text messenging to encourage loyal customers to revist your location as often as you like.

If you are looking for a GREAT customer rewards loyalty program, this one cannot be beat. And, unlike most programs, if you live anywhere in SWLA or SETX, regular personalized service is provided to help make your program an even greater success.

To learn more, contact Jeff at 337.660.4774 or You may also request a live chat or complete the form below.

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