Results Warranty Analysis

Providing Guaranteed Results requires a careful assessment of many factors. The most important factors are the goal or goals the client would like to achieve. However, to properly assess the project requires use of the Triple Constraint.

The Triple Constraint

The Triple Constraint is a Project Management concept which outlines that any project (goal) is limited by three competing elements. These are:

  1. Time (deadline)
  2. Scope (goals)
  3. Cost (budget)

If a goal is to be met quickly, the cost will be high. If a goal can be met slowly, the cost will be lower.

If the goals are large and the budget is small, the project is best managed over a longer period of time.

If the budget is low and the deadline is short, the scope of the project (goals) may need to be adjusted.

We consider each of these elements before issuing an Individual Warranty for our Client. But there is more.

The Triple Constraint Results Guarantee Basic Worksheet

This worksheet was designed to conduct a thorough assessment of each project before issuing a warranty. Because we offer guaranteed results, we must know before starting a project if it can be achieved. Aside from the information gathered on the following form, we will conduct a thorough Website Analysis and Market Research Report.

The Analysis and Research will be conducted In-House and will take approximately two (2) weeks. Once complete, the home office will forward the Warranty and an Offer Letter for your client.

Some factors we will consider include:

  • the Target Market
  • Client Industry and Type of Business
  • content and other requirements needed to meet the goals
  • the desired timeline for meeting the goals
  • Budget

With this information, we can determine exactly which content marketing strategy to pursue and which tactics to employ to reach the goals. If the goals cannot be met on the client's budget or by the stated deadline, no Warranty will be issued.

If the client would like to reassess their goals, deadline, or budget we will gladly recalculate the project.

If the client would like a copy of the Website Analysis and Market Research report, the rates are found on the Products Page.

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