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At Oakes Writing Website Services, we warrant everything we do for quality, satisfaction, and results.

Please take a moment to read about our Warranties.

We have the strongest Guarantees in the Industry for good reason. We always do what we say we will do.

We Bring Websites to Life!

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Few digital marketing company's today offer a warranty on their written content. We find this astounding considering that the elements needed for content to get results are well-established and known to all.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, we do not shy away from putting our money where our mouth is. We offer two guarantees on all content we write.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are not completely satisfied with what we write, we will change it until you do or give you your money back. 
  2. Results Guaranteed - For custom Marketing packages, certain Google Ads campaigns, and custom Social Media packages, we are happy to put results in writing. We do what we say or you get your money back.

We believe this is fair. Don't you?

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Social Media and Google Ads Guarantee

When it comes to Social Media and Google Ads Management, we offer the best guarantees in the industry. 

When you choose to let us take over your Social Media, we discuss how your social media will fit into your overall marketing plan. We then present the best strategy for that plan and provide you with a written guarantee of results.

  • If you are want more followers within a certain amount of time, you will get those followers.
  • If you are trying to increase interactions between social media and your website, no problem.
  • Want more engagements?
  • Greater reach?

It is all within our power to deliver. Best of all, we guarantee we will reach the stated goals or your money back. 

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Google Adwords is a great way to advertise, but with A/B testing, the ROI is far better than any form of traditional marketing can provide.

The same goes for Google Ads. We know that often, website owners are stiving to achieve certain results with Google Ads. Other agencies have promised certain results, but did not offer any guarantee.

But the thing is, with digital marketing, guarantees CAN be given. So we do.

  • Need a certain number of QUALIFIED Calls to your business? We deliver.
  • Need to get conversions on your website like newsletter or blog signups? No problem.
  • Need to get more clients setting appointments with you? How many would you like?
  • want to do this at the lowest cost possible? Guaranteed.

The simple fact is that Google Ads should be the lowest cost and best Return-on-investment (ROI) of any of your marketing. Done right, it is.

If your Google Ads campaign is not producing the best results of any advertising you run, it is not being done right. Learn more by reading our Free eBook, Four Steps to Transforming Your Google Ads

Learn more about Oakes Writing Google Ads Management here.

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Website Development Warranty

At Oakes Writing Website Services we pride ourselves on developing not only beautiful website, but more important, websites that get results.

We design every website to be both appealing to visitors and satisfying to search engines but adding the right elements needed from the start.

After that, it is simply a matter of adding content to the site to continue growing your footprint in search results.

We provide two guarantees with each website we build.

  • All websites are satisfaction guaranteed. Once the website is built, we review it with you. If anything is not to your satisfaction, we make it right. If we cannot, you do not pay. Simple.
  • If you choose our Harvester Package with Enhanced Maintenance, we even guarantee traffic results. We will set goals for your website from the start and if we do not reach those goals in the stated time, you get a full refund and the site is yours to keep. Your Sales Rep should complete the Results Guarantee Worksheet and Full Warranty Agreement forms with you so that we can set proper goals for your site. If you make a purchase directly from the website, we will be in touch soon to help set goals.

No One in the Digital Marketing Industry offers a Guarantee like Oakes Writing Website Services.

If you are ready to build or rebuild your website, get in touch today using the form below or by calling 337.660.4774 or sending an email to

Which Warranty Works Best for You?

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