Need High Quality Articles/Blogs for Your Website?

What Does it Take to Create Great Written Content for the Internet?

Raw Talent? Decades of Study? Hard Work and Perseverance?

All of the Above?

Fact is, writing great articles and blogs for the Internet requires many things including…

The ability to craft entertaining content.

An in-depth understanding of trends.

The ability to create content that gets shared on social media.


What Are Clients Saying?

Jeff Oakes consistently provides high-quality articles on a variety of subjects in a short period of time. We would recommend him to others. – Ashford Global IT

Jeff wrote a book for me and it’s selling more than I expected. He taught me how to market it and it worked…I recommend his company wholeheartedly. – Peter A Grimm

Anyone can add information to a web page. Not everyone can guarantee that web page will get results.

We can.


Simply put, we know what we are doing. 

Since 2009, hundreds of smart clients from Australia to Atlanta have benefited from our content creations.

We Bring Websites to Life!

We Create Infotainment

Readers today want information that is entertaining.

Articles and blogs must be entertaining if they are to be shared, liked, read again, and recommended by search engines.

Each piece of content we create is custom developed with the voice of the site owner and your target market in mind.

Thus, while a whimsical website will have cheeky articles a professional site will be toned down, but all will be a pleasure to read.

Image f an arrow moving up in a zig-zag. Caption reads, SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is related, yet different from SEO in that the former continually feeds content which is in high demand by searchers. SEO could be called static whereas SEM is vibrant.

We Market to Search Engines

SEO is no longer as relevant as it once was. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the trend. To that end…

Did you know that Google provides trending topics every minute of every day?

Paying attention to trends is vital when writing successful content. We pay attention to trends when writing your content so your website gets seen and shared.

We Know Social Media

Knowing how to create content that gets shared on social media is important.

Knowing which social media outlet is best for the content created is VITAL.

It is the difference between getting ignored or getting found…getting liked, linked, shared, and found again.

At Oakes Writing, we keep this in mind when creating your content.

We make sure that the content we create for you is perfect for the social networks you use.

Our Results Speak

Providing Consistent Growth is What We Do

Building a Website is Like Building a House…Lay a Proper Foundation then Build According to Plan.

Oakes Writing Grows from Inception or Breathes New Life Into Dying Websites

But that’s not all…

At Oakes Writing, we Prove What we Can do for You.

To this end, We offer a Guarantee unlike any other.

We Guarantee

You will Love the Content we Create or you don’t pay.

We Guarantee 

The Content we create will get results or you get a full refund.

We Guarantee 

We Will Bring Your Website to Life!



Our Clients Love Us

If I could give him 6 stars I would. Thanks for the quality articles. – Dave Shapiro

I hired C J Oakes for two of my websites. He is my go to guy because he understands SEO and can write in a persuasive style. He maintains confidentiality too, which in my business, is a must. – Scott B.

Professional.  Excellent writing skills – The Mystified

C J Oakes was professional, fast, and made absolutely sure that he met every last request and desire I had. I will gladly work with him again. – John Calhoun, Timely News

Great confidence and writing skills. Great job – Unique Media

To Bring Your Website to Life with Oakes Writing

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