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Oakes Writing is constantly on the lookout for talented people. We are growing and along with this growth comes opportunities for people just like you. Whether you want to be a stay-at-home-dad or mom, are a college student looking for great part-time income, a retiree wanting to supplement your SSI, or any other, if you can work with minimal supervision, you may be what we seek.

About Oakes Writing Jobs

At Oakes Writing, we believe in three things (Hint: This is what we are looking for in our people).

  1. Honesty and Integrity: We always do what we say we will do and we expect the same from those who represent us. In other words, don’t make promises you cannot keep. Of course, one huge promise we make is our Guarantee. Be sure to read about it here. In whatever position you choose with Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, just be direct in your dealings. If you can do that, we may be a fit for you.
  2. Self-Motivated; Requiring Little to No Supervision: Most of our positions are work-from-home opportunities. These allow people to work from anywhere, but also make it impossible for us to stand over your shoulder…not that we would want to anyway. But it takes discipline to get on a schedule and keep to it, so these jobs are not for everyone. If you can work on your own, consistently and to the best of your ability, you can make a substantial income with Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock.
  3. Have Fun: We believe that a person should like what they do and be proud of the company they represent. We further believe that a person needs R&R in their life. So work hard three to five days per week but make time for yourself. Take the weekend off, take a long weekend, work only two days a week. Whatever schedule works for you works for us. Why? Because everyone is different. Some love to work long hours, some do not. This is how we not only find enjoyment in life outside of work but also enjoyment on-the-job.

If the above three workplace values suit you, we encourage you to apply now.

Oakes Writing Currently has the Following Job Openings

1099 Writers:

We are currently on the lookout for writers for three positions. These are all 1099 positions, which means that you will be an independent contractor. The three kinds of writers we seek are:

  • Level 1 General Content Creator Jobs: These writers provide content not only for Oakes Writing but also our other websites, and There are no educational requirements, but we do want to see at least a basic grasp of grammar. This is an entry-level position and we will remotely train you in writing for us. Pay depends on previous experience and skill level, which will be determined by a simple test and Skype Interview. We currently offer five pay levels for General Content Creators.
  • Professional Content Creator Jobs: If you have a BS or BA in Literature, Arts, Media, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, or something fairly similar and has already been working for some time as a freelance writer, we would love to hear from you. We need people who know how to write and write well. We need people who know how to do research, even if not legal research–we can teach that. What is needed most are writers who know how to research and flesh out articles which are nearly ready for publication. These are then passed to:
  • Editorial Jobs: Our editorial staff is unlike any other. Rather than seeking editors who have Masters of English, Media, or the like, we only hire those with a J.D. for editing. The reason should be obvious. Lawyers spend nearly a decade writing, but few have the understanding to write for the Internet. We can teach that part as well as help new editors develop proper editing skills. What we cannot do is take four years to teach them law. So, we are seeking lawyers interested in writing at least part-time to work as Editors for Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock.

Jobs in the Office:

We do not currently have openings for office work but anticipate needing more within the next six months. Feel free to send us a resume or check back often. As jobs are available, we will post them here first.

1099 Sales Jobs:

We are always on the lookout for energetic, outgoing people to get the word out. Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock is currently seeking good people who want to earn the best commissions in the industry. These are independent contractor positions so you set your own hours and work as you see fit. Part of the reason we made these IC positions was to keep costs down. The tradeoff is the lucrative and generous payouts we offer including residual commissions as long as the client remains with us, regardless of whether you remain. Oakes Writing currently offers the following sales jobs:

  • Outside Sales Jobs: If you like meeting with prospects face-to-face, this is what you seek. Oakes Writing Website Services mainly works with Law Firms, Real Estate Agencies, Financial Service providers, and Medical professionals, but you are welcome to seek other business as you see fit. We will not turn anyone away who wants guaranteed traffic to their website. This outside sales job is perfect for college students for one good reason: Residual income. We were students once and on graduation, we had big student loans to pay back. And we had to work while in school. With this outside sales job, not only can you earn a great paycheck now, but as long as the clients you sign stay with us, you will earn commissions…even if you quit and go to work for someone else.
  • Inside (Phone) Sales Jobs: Work-from-home in your pajamas or skimpies, we don’t care. You make calls and close sales. This is a great job for shut-ins, folks with disabilities, retirees, or anyone who simply wants to stay home and earn a nice paycheck. Best of all, when you make a sale with Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, that client is yours for life. As long as they remain with us, whether you do or not, you earn a commission.
  • Lead Generator Jobs: If you are great at social media, know how to locate super leads, or generally use the numbers approach to drag in as many decent prospects as possible, we would love to hear from you. Ideally, we want someone who knows how to qualify a lead, but even if you simply know how to get our proverbial foot in the proverbial door, that is enough. Commissions are earned on a ratio of closed sales to leads generated. In addition, as with other sales jobs, we will continue to provide commissions earned from clients you found. The ideal person will work closely with the outside and phone sales reps in their region to ensure more sales are closed, but this is not required.

Operations Jobs:

We currently do not have openings in Operations but anticipate needing several managers soon. We expect to have a need by the end of 2017 for a Sales Manager, a Marketing Manager, an Editorial Manager and an Operations Manager at our Lubbock, Texas location. We welcome soon-to-graduate college students, especially those with Internet Marketing or related degrees. Free free to send us a resume now or check back in September 2017 for more information.

To Apply for a Job with Oakes Writing Website Services:

We thought about adding some crazy, fun application process but decided against it for now. Instead, we decided to make it simple: Email your resume and a cover letter telling us how great you are to

Email your resume and a cover letter telling us how great you are to

Thank you for considering a job with Oakes Writing.

Oakes Writing Website Services is located in Lubbock, Texas, USA and provides a full-range of Internet services for content marketing. The core product offering of Oakes Writing is written content, but ancillary services are provided to ensure that the content created performs as it should.

We advise that any job seekers considering Oakes Writing check out the other pages on this site prior to sending an application. This will give you a better understanding of the culture and guarantee Oakes Writing offers clients (and it really helps in writing a cover letter that gets our attention).

Because of the volume of responses we receive, we cannot promise to respond immediately to every job inquiry, but if you do not hear from us within a couple of months, feel free to submit another resume. We promise not to be offended.

Thank you for your interest in Oakes Writing Website Services, Lubbock, Texas.