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Managing Digital Marketing Today can seem alot like trying to Drive through Fog. Ready to Cut Through the Soup?

Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been working with website operators to create the best online marketing experience for their customers. We can help you.

Top 4 Online Marketing Challenges

Running a small business is tough. Meeting the challenges of online marketing can seem even tougher. Most owners agree that their top challenges are:

  1. Lack of resources like time, money, people
  2. Getting quality leads
  3. Using Social Media
  4. Creating content for website or social

What is YOUR Biggest Online Marketing Challenge?

Marketing is All About Getting the Right Traffic

All these challenges are made easier when we see that everything starts with traffic.

If a local shop wants to market certain products to its customers, it must first have people entering its shop. If a car dealer wants to sell cars, it must have plenty of folks stopping by “just looking.”

Point is, once a company has the numbers, they can sell products or services.

Marketing does not produce traffic; marketing produces results from traffic.

In the traditional model, advertising drives traffic.

In the modern inbound model, content drives traffic.

A Simple Way to know if your marketing agency is using Modern Inbound Marketing or Traditional is to note whether their focus is on Advertising Your Website OR Growing Your Website. 

How is Your Current Marketing Agency handling your Marketing? Why does this Matter?

ROI inbound v Outbound Marketing

Did You Know INBOUND Marketing Costs Less than Traditional?


At Oakes Writing Website Services, we make sure your content gets found. This provides the traffic needed for effective marketing.

Do You Have a Content Writer? What sort of Results are You getting from your content?

Content IS King

What IS Content?

Content is anything we see or hear online. Content includes:

  • Web pages
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Photos
  • Audio Recordings

Yet, just putting these "out there" is not enough. Content must be created in a way that it will be found - it must match what people are searching for.

And if the content does not contain written words, it must be described well enough that search engines can match it to what people are searching for.

To learn more about our content offerings, click here.


Oakes Website Services provides the finest, modern websites fully Optimized for search results.

What is Stopping YOU from building a website or having your old one rebuilt?

Need a Website?

If you do not yet have a website, we can build you a beautiful, modern, responsive website (similar to the one you are visiting now).

If you already have a website but would like to modernize it, we can take care of that as well.

And remember that most people today search for local services using their phones, so we will make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for local search.

To learn more about our website offerings, click here.

social media buttons including Yelp, YouTube, Skype, Facebook, RSS, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Which Social Platforms do YOU currently use?...Regularly (as in Daily)?

To learn more about our Social Media offerings, click here.

Need Help with Social Media?

Social Medial plays a big role in how Google views your website and how well it performs in search rankings. We know social and can help.

If you are not sure which social media to choose, no worries...we do.

We start by considering your market so that we can choose the best 2-3 social platforms for reaching and engaging with them.

Google Ads today is more complex than previous versions. Yet, the basics are the same. In the book, 4 Steps to Transform Your Google Ads, Oakes Writing Website Services helps small business owners by showing them the 4 easy steps needed for success with Google Ads.

What has been YOUR Experience with Google Ads?

To learn more about our Google Ads offerings, click here.

Google Ads

Many of our clients are already engaged in Google Ads campaigns when they come to us.

Some are finding that they are not getting the results they expected.

We will be happy to take a look at what you are doing and offer our expert advice. Certified by Google for both their Ads and Analytics products, we can help.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee Badge

What is the point of any marketing program?

Results. Without Results, the money spent is wasted. To learn more about Oakes Writing Results, Click Here.

Our Guarantee

Marketing in the past was difficult to track and nearly impossible to measure. Results relied more on a "scattergun" approach, than on any other factor. Even the best marketers had flops.

"Flops" still occur, but with the tools we have today, they can be caught well before much is spent. 

This is because all marketing online can be directly tracked and measured; we can test one approach against another. This is called A/B Testing

This even allows us to offer Guarantees like at no other time in history.

To learn more about the Oakes Writing Website Services Warranties on our services, Click Here.


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