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Oakes Writing Restores Websites in the Same Way a Landscaper Restores Beauty to Your Yard

Our Mission is to help small businesses get results from their websites and other online marketing.

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Step 1 - Review the Landscape

Whether a website is overgrown or sickly, the first step is to assess the problem.

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Step 2 - Clean and Plan

Once the problem is known, a sound, yet simple plan of action is developed.

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Step 3 - Restore the Beauty

We then implement the plan to restore the website to its former glory.

Why is This Important?

If a website is not getting traffic, a business will not grow via that website. Most small business owners know that a website can help them better market their company, but have also found that their website is largely useless.

Many spend large sums of money on Google Ads, Billboards, and other forms of advertising to drive traffic to their website, to their company, or both.

Yet, this is throwing good money after bad.

Advertising a website is advertising your advertising.

The fact is, if managed properly, a website will produce all the business you need without resorting to traditional advertising, which is expensive. The best part is, properly managing a website is as easy as restoring a yard and just as affordable.

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Our Skills & Expertise

For nearly a decade, Oakes Writing Website Services has used proven techniques to both grow and restore websites for small business owners. Google virtually owns the Internet but they do not hide what they look for in a website. Google states,

"Give visitors the information they're looking for...

"Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do."

At Oakes Writing, we do just that...We provide high-quality content for websites. We avoid gimmicks and fancy photos while providing what searchers are seeking...what you provide.

In fact, Google goes on to explain that when we put the kind of information that people are seeking on our website, they are more than happy to have it appear in search results. When people are looking for an answer to their questions, Google provides them with the pages which have the answers they seek. If your website has answered the question well, Google will recommend the page upon which your answer is found.

In this way, Google connects local businesses with people who are actively seeking what they offer.

It is really that simple.

We have had a Busy Decade

As we approach our 10-year Anniversary, we look back and realize that it has been a busy one. Having served nearly 300 clients, we have added millions of words to the Internet on their behalf. In all cases but one, our clients enjoyed success. But that one case taught us a valuable lesson.

Clients Served
Websites Built
Websites Redesigned
Books and eBooks Written
Pages of Content Written
Number of Failures

What Did We Learn from Our One Failure?

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Just as one can learn to type, one can learn to grow a website. Getting traffic to a website today is as predictable as learning your way around a keyboard. The letters don't move, all that is needed is knowing how to apply the right keystrokes. Simple.

When we first launched this business, we let our clients tell us what they wanted and we delivered. A few years in and the landscape had changed considerably. Google made radical changes to their algorithm, which is the system they use to send searchers to websites. We adapted according to Google standards and started to turn down clients who wanted us to do things the "old" way because we knew the old ways would fail.

Yet, we took on a former client who made us an offer we could not refuse. That was mistake Number 1.

Mistake Number 2 was letting our client dictate how we should write the content for his website. We argued against it, but, in the end he won. He was, afterall, the one paying for the product we create.

We should have never done this because as predicted, his website failed...and failed miserably. He then did what most website owners do...threw more money at it. We tried to convince him to let us go back to basics, to rebuild the site according to Google guidelines, but he was convinced that if he just advertised the site enough, if he just kept adding more of the same-style content to the site, it would eventually take off.

It never did and he went out of business trying.

Shocked, Hurt, and Suffering...Yet, Lesson Learned

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Google tells us what to do to have a successful website, but some ignore their advice. We don't. Our success comes from doing exactly what Google says. No more, no less.

We were stunned.

Up to this point, we had developed dozens of websites and had never had a single failure. Yet, we also knew what the problem was.

We had been told by Google what to avoid, but had never directly tested that position. Now we had absolute proof about what not to do.

We also knew that we could never again let a client dictate how we do our job.

We decided that if ever a client wanted something we knew was not good for their website, we would refuse even if it meant losing their business.

By sticking to this principle, we always produce results. The Internet is no longer a mystery. The methods for getting qualified traffic to a website are proven. We simply do what Google says to do, nothing more, nothing less. That is how we always get results.


Mistress of Social Media

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Jenn Cain

Our Director of Social Media supercharges each account, quickly growing them to incredible heights. She is even able to bring dead social media accounts to life. Magic? Maybe. Her results astound even us.

The Wordsmith

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C J Oakes

Our President loves nothing more than to take an ailing website and nurse it back to health. By applying his craft to websites, he guarantees results. How does he do it? He says, "I just answer questions."

Goddess of the Easel

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Misti Murph

Known for her mysterious works of art before letting us lure her into our company, our Director of Visual Arts provides just the right blend of light to cultivate the finest websites in the world.

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