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5 Ways Criminal Defense Marketing Grows Your Law Firm

Criminal defense is a tough legal specialization. Marketing a Law Firm today is equally tough. Yet, did you know that marketing your criminal defense services can provide enormous benefits? Here are 5 ways criminal defense marketing can help grow your law firm.

Here are 5 Ways Criminal Defense Marketing will Grow Your Law Firm

Marketing a Law Firm online has never been tougher. Most Attorney's have had websites for decades and are not afraid to hire the best agencies to help them grow. Perhaps no other local industry has as much competition for space on the Internet as the legal.

For a Law Firm just getting started online, finding a way to muscle in can be difficult. But here is some great news. Your new law website can get into local search results by using a simple tactic: Answer the questions most asked of those seeking legal advice. And the topics which consistently trend highest are those related to criminal law.

Why? And how can this help a new Law Firm get their website noticed in their local market?

Why Answer Common Criminal Law Questions?

To begin with, Google recommends that the best way to get found in search results is to provide good answers to questions people ask. It stands to reason then, that any company would do well to focus the most common questions related to their service.

The most common legal questions asked online involve criminal law, family law, and personal injury, but the most time-sensitive of these is criminal. This is because people usually do not search for a legal topic until it is needed. When someone needs a criminal lawyer, it is generally because a loved one has been arrested and they want answers fast.

With that said, here are the 5 ways criminal defense marketing will help grow your Law Firm.

  1. If the person finding your website can afford to hire an attorney and you have answered their question, they are more likely to choose you over a competitor.
  2. If they cannot afford to hire you, by finding your website they are exposed to your name. Then, if they ever need services they CAN afford, they will be more likely to use you. Name recognition is central to marketing, be it offline or on.
  3. People tend to share helpful information on social media and elsewhere. A great answer to a criminal defense topic is more likely to be shared than a great answer on banking law. Salacious sells. This provides your Law Firm with added exposure and...
  4. Great content creates more quality links on the Internet. This helps with SEO and adds to the credibility of your entire website in the eyes of the search engines. This, in turn will result in other pages ranking better and will help your Firm muscle into an already crowded space.
  5. Criminal charges create very emotional events for people. If you have provided a great answer to a vital question, you become an expert...not just in criminal law, but in all legal matters. Remember, most people do not distinquish between the different specialties of law. To the average person, a legal expert in one speciality is a legal expert across ALL specializations.

The amazing thing about providing expert advice online is that it translates into loyalty. That feeling is doubled when people are helped through something traumatic. You become their friend, someone they can rely on. If you have provided legal advice when they most need it, whether they used your services at that time or not, they will eventually use your services or refer a friend.

How Can You Find the Most Common Criminal Defense Questions?

Naturally, to answer common questions you need to know what people are asking. Here are two simple ways to find out what people are asking in your area.

  1. Google Trends - Use Google Trends to search for topics which may be trending. For instance, a November 29, 2019 a search for "Drug Charges" reveals that people are now searching for information about Ty "dollar sign" $ drug charges more than any other topic. The next four trending searches on this topic are about: 21 Savage, Mama June, Tanya McDowell, and Bill Nye. By writing about these people and their legal troubles, you can answer common questions and produce content that will get shared by your readers, which you want.
  2. Do a simple Google search using Chrome - Ask a question like, "What are the most common criminal charges?" Chrome will now produce a series of search results. Somewhere in the mix will be a section titled, "People Also Ask." This is an important feature because it is unique both to your general location and provides the most common related questions people are asking. To learn more about using this feature, watch the video below.

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