4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most-used-most-tried forms of Internet Marketing used by small businesses today.

Most choose Google Ads because the cost to aquire clicks to their website is so low...or so they've been told.

Many small business owners who have tried Google Ads are finding that the platform is not all roses and cream. In fact, many are discovering that by using Google Ads, they are

A) Spending more on Advertising than they should

B) Still not getting clicks to their website

C) Getting clicks but still not getting new customers

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Google Ads, formerly Adwords, is the lowest-cost option for small business owners when used properly. The trouble is, the platform has become complex and most small biz owners do not have the time to learn it well enough to produce great results at low cost. Oakes Writing Website Services is in business to help small business. We help with Google Ads at affordable rates. Image Source: OakesWriting.com

Why is this the Case? What is Happening?

If you are like most small business owners, you opted for Google Ads to save money. You heard that you can run the ads but ONLY pay for actual clicks to your website. This means that although many people may see your ads, only those who are interested in your products or services will click, right?

Sometimes yes, most of the time no. Why?

There are two key reasons why clicks do not turn into new customers. These are explained fully in the book, 4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Google Ads.

The most common reason Google Ads churn plenty of clicks but fail to produce new customers is because the keywords chosen for the campaign were not precise enough to zero in on the people who are REALLY interested.

Instead, the keywords chosen market to those with a general interest. This results in plenty of clicks...and increased costs. This often occurs when calling Google directly for help. The reason is explained in the book.

The second most common reason clicks fail to bring more business is because those who do click to the website are not told what to do once they get there. In other words, something important is missing.

Take this page for instance. You clicked on an ad which brought you here. Now we explain what you will get in the book should you decide to download it. You know, we tell you the old WIIFM (What's In It For Me?).

Also, throughout this page, we tell you to download the FREE eBook 4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Google Ads at the bottom of this page. Yes, we tell you what to do. We explain why more fully in the book, but 

Here are the key reasons we so:

First, We want to help

And, To get the help you need, you need this book

Also, we would like to open a dialog so we can help you in the future and this book is the way we do that. We believe that by helping you we can earn your business in the future. Perhaps not, but perhaps so. 

To this end, we simply ask for a little info from you.

This is fair, right?

More importantly, we tell you throughout this page what we are going to ask for to teach you something VERY important about running a Google Ads campaign...

Create a Good Landing Page

Google Ads today is more complex than previous versions. Yet, the basics are the same. In the book, 4 Steps to Transform Your Google Ads, Oakes Writing Website Services helps small business owners by showing them the 4 easy steps needed for success with Google Ads.

Another issue many face when using Google Ads is that they do not get any clicks at all. Why not?

In the Book, 4 Steps to Transform Your Google Ads we explain how to find the right keywords to generate plenty of traffic.

Yet, even for those getting lots of clicks, results are not as expected. This too is addressed because really, the two problems are usually related to the same simple mistake made by most who are new to Google Ads.

In the early days of Google Adwords, creating ads and getting results were pretty simple. Adwords is now Ads and the platform has become more complex.

But many of the complexities can be ignored if the campaign is used as it was originally designed. In the book 4 Steps to Transform Your Google Ads, we get back to the basics.

This provides small business owners like yourself with the tools needed to FINALLY get the results you deserve.

Once you are getting clicks, you will need a great Landing Page. In the book, we explain how to build on so that those who click and visit your site become customers.

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