Evaluating Websites Worksheet

150 Point Website Evaluation Worksheet

How can you evaluate your website? The 150-Point Website Evaluation Workbook was created by OWS President C J Oakes to use in-house for performing this task.

Although many marketing firms use an electronic evaluation program, we take a combined approach. We believe that nothing can take the place of the human eye in learning what people like, but there are some elements which need the touch of electronics.

With this evaluation workbook, we take you through both the human and the electonic side. This is in keeping with our mission to teach.

And, the OWS Website Evaluation Workbook is free-of-charge (download instructions are at the bottom of this page).

Why do you need this website evaluation tool?

Many small businesses today have either given up on their websites, leaving them to fairly float around in hyperspace or have shut them down entirely. Giving up on a website is common because of:

Or any variation of these. The fact is that many small businesses believe they do not have either the time or the budget to run a successful online marketing campaign. We disagree.

In the last decade, we have seen many changes to the online marketing world. Some have been very positive, others not so much. The less-than-positives really come from those who conduct predatory SEO tactics to "help" grow websites. We hate such practices. So, we decided it's time to do something about them.

This website evaluation tool is about doing just that.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, our mission is to help small business. We believe that small companies are the backbone of the nation and our economy. And we despise those who unfairly prey on small business owners. This free website evaluation tool is our way of fighting these so-called experts on your behalf.

We believe in giving back to our community. And our community is made up of small businesses. We have no desire to become what is called Big Business. Big business means big headaches. We prefer to remain small and continue to help small companies like ourselves.

Website Marketing…A Brief Introduction

To better understand how to use this free website evaluation workbook, a brief discussion of online marketing is in order.

Website marketing is online marketing. It is part science, part art. A website IS a marketing tool and as such, it must be used correctly to serve its purpose. A marketing plan is required.

This 150-point evaluation workbook provides insight into the elements needed for developing an online marketing plan. By using this tool, you will learn

  • what is needed for your website to grow and
  • how to use it as a guideline to marketing your business online.

You will then understand which website elements can (and should) be handled in-house and which may be outsourced.

At Oakes Writing, most of our work is outsourced projects. Many website owners want to do part of the work themselves but farm out that which they cannot or do not have time for.

Our goal is to get your online marketing to a point that it is running virtually on auto-pilot within 3 years. This will slash marketing costs by up to 75% while continuing to bring new business to your company every day.

This is part of the reason we decided to make this information public—it saves us a step in the process and teaches our clients how to do for themselves.

We believe that website marketing should not be a mystery. As with traditional marketing, anyone can do it, but some do it better than others. This is why businesses often hire traditional marketing firms.

But traditional marketing is NOT Internet marketing, so we decided to help small businesses by letting them see the difference. We decided to publish for the first time, free-of-charge, the 150-Point WebSite Evaluation Worksheet we use.

The website evaluation worksheet, really a workbook, was developed by our founder C J Oakes over the course of the last decade. He has used it to help thousands of clients convert their websites from failing to flourishing.

You will notice that some elements appear more than once in the worksheet. This is because each element impacts the marketing of the website in different ways.

The Worksheet is broken into easy-to-follow segments:

  • Appearance
  • Content
  • Networks
  • Credibility/Trustworthiness
  • Online Marketing
  • Technical Elements
  • Summation/Closing Remarks

Some elements of the evaluation workbook are self-explanatory, some need a bit of description. We provide guidance where necessary, but to keep this worksheet clean it is limited. If you have any questions regarding this worksheet, do not hesitate email us at Admin@OakesWriting.com.

Also, we will be adding articles to our blog to provide additional information about each element. If you would like to receive blog updates, sign up for our free newsletter or bookmark this page and return often. The above segment list will be linked as articles are added.

Now, to receive your free 150-Point Website Evaluation Workbook, simply fill out the information below and click the Download button.

Or, if you prefer you may order a printed copy on Amazon for only $9.95.

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