Bring Your Website to Life

A Website is a Living, Breathing Machine. Properly cultivated, it Produces an Abundance of New Business for Your Company.

Oakes Writing Specializes in Website Restoration. We Bring Sites to Life!

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If you are like most small business owners, you have a website. And, like most small business owners, your website may not be performing as expected.

The average website gets fewer than 100 visitors per month to their site...Not enough to make having a website worth the cost.

More importantly, the average website is failing to produce tangible results for the business...it is failing to bring in new business.

At Oakes Writing, Our Core Business is Breathing New Life into Websites and Digital Marketing Plans.

We Build Lush, Healthy Websites That Endure the Tests of Time

Why Analytics?

Sun Tsu said, "Know Your Enemy." Socrates said, "Know Thyself."

Google Helps With Both, which is why we use it.

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C J Oakes' Google Analytics Certification

We Make Traffic Happen

Getting Traffic to a Website Just Requires the Right Content. We Write the Right Content.

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Website Cultivation

Just as a yard requires careful attention to be fruitful, a website requires proper management to be productive.

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