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Is YOUR digital marketing providing the right ROI?

Online marketing should ALWAYS lower costs over time.

For most small businesses, this is not the case.


Words matter on a website.

No matter how pretty the website if it does not contain the words people use in search, it will not be found.

We use the right words because that is how digital marketing returns results.

Your Website is Your Key Marketing Tool.

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Since 2009, Oakes Writing Website Services has provided written content for marketing websites around the world. In this decade, we have built or restored thousands of websites.

A key component of our marketing which makes us stand out from our competitors is our belief that marketing costs should decline over time. This is called Attraction Marketing.

We believe that if content marketing is done right, there is no reason a client should pay more tomorrow than they did today. If marketing costs increase, something is not right.

In fact, our marketing strategies call for costs to decline over three years with better ROI. Then, the website can either maintain their position or divert funds into other forms of marketing for additional growth.

If you are like most small business owners, you have a website. And like many, perhaps your website is not performing as you would like.

The average website gets fewer than 100 visitors per month...Not enough to make having a website worth the cost.


A website must contain plenty of the words used by people searching for what is offered.

The SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages are driven by words. The RIGHT words.

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Core Values

Our Core Values Drive all we do. It is through these 3 Core Values that we have been helped one satisfied customer after another for 10 years.

At Oakes Writing Website Services of SWLA, we believe content marketing should provide...

  1. Competitive Rates
  2. Rapid Turnaround
  3. Outstanding Warranties

Consider each of these values of how they impact YOUR business.

Great Rates

money falling from the sky

We strive to offer the best and lowest rates possible for written content and other marketing services to clients in SWLA. While we may not have the lowest marketing rates in Lake Charles, we do provide rates lower than average in the industry and will continue to do so.

Most digital marketing agencies including many in Southwest Louisiana charge far more than they need simply because they can. We do not do this.

The tools for building websites and growing through online marketing improve daily. The costs associated with most basic processes have drastically declined.

Add to this, the number of creative, talented people is growing.

This means that rates in the digital marketing industry throughout Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen and Jefferson Davis Parishes CAN be lower than they are.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, we even post our rates because we are not ashamed of them unlike some of our competitors.

And, we are not beholden to the big companies. Instead, we focus on helping small Louisiana and Texas businesses because we believe these to be the bedrock of our local community.

Like Sam Walton and Andrew Carnegie before us, we believe it is our duty to drive costs down.

To this end, we promise to provide the lowest rates possible on all our writing and other services; then to continually find ways to lower them still more.

In fact, part of our mission is to help our clients reduce their marketing costs no less than 75% over 3 years.

Want to learn more?

Fast Service

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With the tools and technology available today, there is little reason to wait a month or two for a new website. When pressed, we can complete a website in as little as one day. In general, expect your new website in 3-5 days.

This is because the rules required by Google for websites changed radically in 2016.

And thanks largely to WordPress, the tools available for building websites have improved greatly. Any digital marketing company in SWLA who says a website will take more than a week is clearly not keeping up with the times.

We get your website done and out the door so that it can start to generate business for your business.

But, keep in mind, a website is never "done."

The changes brought by Google in 2016 were so radical that a website today must keep feeding new information, written and visual content to the Internet. The website must constantly grow. It is to become an ever-expanding source for information to customers. The One-and-Done SEO-era is gone.

In keeping with the times, we offer fast service on content for your website.

Most written content consists of blogs. The blog is the best way to market and grow your site while satisfying both Google and your visitors. Your blog should be a central piece of your online marketing strategy whether you live in Lake Charles, Louisiana or Sydney, Australia.

Oakes Writing Website Services provides the fastest service for all your content marketing needs. Fast service means faster results.

Call now 337.660.4774.

Best Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Badge

At OWS of Lake Charles, we believe that any product or service is only as good as the company backing it. And if a company will not stand behind what they do, there is no reason to do business with them.

For this reason, we offer the best warranties in the online marketing industry. We invite you to take a closer look at our warranties here.

In fact, we offer the best warranties for good reason: We can.

Some traditional marketing firms in Lake Charles and other locations cannot offer warranties on their work because they are stuck in the past.

See, at one time marketing was more of an art than a science. Reaching goals was often very hit or miss.

Marketing today is more of a science.

By taking a Project Management approach, we use KNOWN data while sticking to Google recommendations. We then develop a content marketing plan to reach almost any goal.

And this approach works whether your company is located in Lake Charles or Lake Jackson, LA or La, Texas or Tennessee.

In addition, we guarantee everything in writing, be it blog content or descriptions for visual content. We guarantee our writing for:

  • Accuracy
  • Impact
  • Results
  • Your satisfaction

Learn more about our warranties.

What We Provide

We Build Lush, Healthy Websites That Endure the Tests of Time


Google Analytics

Sun Tsu said, "Know Your Enemy." Socrates said, "Know Thyself." Google helps with both, which is why we use it.

Few services have contributed to growing websites like Google Analytics. We have been using this product since its inception...actually, before then.

Analytics developed from the old Google Webmaster Tools. At that time, most of the data was provided via spreadsheets and it often took days to pour through it all.

With the development of Analytics, Google both reduced the time needed to gain valuable insights and provided additional tools for online growth. Best of all, this tool allows us to zero in on your relevant market and adapt accordingly.

Local optimization, as it is called, allows attraction marketing on a local scale, be that in Lake Charles, La or anywhere else. This lets us see exactly what words people in your local market are searching. No guesswork, no wasted time or money. Just results.

Read More about how we use Google Analytics to help your business grow.

C J Oakes' Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics started as Google Webmaster Tools. Since the start, our founder C J Oakes has stayed on top of all Google tools to help small business owners enjoy websites that perform their best.

As a certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads partner, he continues to oversee all digital marketing operations to ensure the best outcomes for site owners.

Learn more about Google Ads and Analytics products we offer.

We Make Traffic Happen

Getting Traffic to a Website Requires the Right Content. We Write the Right Content.

Content marketing tree
a lush tree in blue against a tan background with Oakes Writing We Bring Your Site to Life

Words Matter

Imagine if you will a world without words. No speech, no reading. Everyone just points to what they want or simply take it.

Such a world is hard, if not impossible to imagine.

And although the online world is rapidly turning to video and podcasts, words still matter.

For those of us watching a video or listening to our favorite guru, we do not think about the words behind the media, but they are there.

Effective online marketing relies on words because that is how we search.

It does not matter if we speak the words into our phone or type them into the search engine, the words we use dictate what we find.

Search engines match the words we enter to words found on a website. A website only gets found if the right words and combinations have been entered onto the page.

That is why Oakes Writing remains at its core, a word-driven company.

Sure, we provide other services people need for marketing a small business online, but at the center of it all are words.

Words matter.

Read More About how we use words for Marketing here.

Need Help with Your Website? We would love to help.


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