What Do People Look for in Law Firm Websites?

Do people visit Law Firm websites to be titillated? Do they search for your website to be wowed by the pretty pictures of judges in their robes? Do they want to view amazing closeups of your briefs?

What Do Visitors to a Law Firm Website Seek?

When a person searches for what is to be found on a Law Firm website, they are not searching for quippy Memes or photos of fantasy. No, the average person searches for questions in matters of law and ideally finds your Law Firm website in the search results pages.

Their search leads them to the answer they seek and they are done for the time. In some cases, the answer will lead them to seek your services, but not always.

In most cases, people just have some odd legal question they want an answer to. Maybe they have a friend, or a friend of a friend who has this problem. Or maybe they anticipate a problem themselves which never comes to pass. Or perhaps they watched an episode of Law and Order and are curious about something. Do such readers spend much time on your law site? Do any of these folks advance the business of your Firm?


How Much Time Will Visitors to Your Law Firm Website Spend?

The answer to this question depends on their reason for clicking on the site. If they found you through natural search results, they may be

  1. doing research for school
  2. doing research for a friend
  3. doing research for themselves out of curiousity
  4. doing research because they anticipate a legal problem
  5. in need of an attorney now.

In the case of 1 and 3, the visitor is not likely to be a client at present, but could be at some point in the future. Everytime they get a good answer from you, they are more inclined to trust your Firm and if ever they need your services, they will be more likely to seek you out.

In the case of number 2, they may refer their friend to you.

But numbers 4 and 5 are those who hold the most promise now.

Advancing the Interests of the Law Firm

The whole point of having a website for your Law Firm is to draw potential clients to your site, then to your office.

Imagine if you had plenty of time to answer legal questions for anyone entering the firm. They would pop in, ask a quick question, the leave. Some would stay and sign up as a client no doubt. Most would not.

Naturally, this would be a terrible waste of time and energies, so few (if any) lawyers do this. But with a website, you can.

With a website, you can be the legal expert who answers any question, any time. You can be the go-to attorney with all the answers. Then, when someone does need your legal services, who will they call?

You get the idea.

The whole point of a website is to build your brand as the Law Firm with all the legal answers the public needs.

Yet, you do not need to answer legal questions for people in Oregon if your Law Firm is located in Lubbock, Texas.

If your Law Firm is located in Lubbock, TX, you want people from Lubbock and the South Plains to visit your website. The more people from the immediate community you serve who find your site, the better. These are the people who will use your legal services.

One of the biggest mistakes Law Firms make when building websites and their content marketing plan is to try to answer questions too broadly. This may appeal to a national audience, but does little to advance the business.

A Law Firm is usually in the business of reaching a local market. Some are in business only to reach a particular segment of the local market. This is called a “Target Market.”

When building the Firm’s website, keep that in mind. Keep in mind the target market, be it local people arrested for marijuana charges, local women seeking divorce, local senior citizens needing help with government services, or whatever.

Create content specifically for them.

For instance, Oakes Writing specializes in content marketing for Law Firms nationwide, but targets Law Firms in Texas. Located in Lubbock, TX, we naturally gravitate to Firms located here. That is worth repeating.

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