Outbound Links 

When Oakes Writing creates blogs and pages, content includes appropriate, non-competitive outbound links. Including all needed links is part of the service because doing so generates traffic, which is the life-blood of the Internet.

In fact, the Internet is only made possible because of links, properly called hyperlinks. Tim Berners-Lee became the father of the Internet when he developed what is call Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). The basis for this is the hypertext which is a link to another location in the web.

A good way think of links are tiny page markers sticking out of a book containing tiny notes as to the content accessed within the book.

Oakes Writing Creates Natural, Helpful Outbound Links

Outbound links are those which direct readers to other web pages outside the website currently accessed. The best use of these is to direct readers to larger bodies of work which more fully explain a given subject.

For example, in the paragraph prior to the above subheading, Tim Berners-Lee and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) are both linked. The first will take a reader to the home page for Mr. Berners-Lee and the second will lead to a Wikipedia article about the linking concept. Both are good reads and useful to anyone wanting to better understand how outbound links and links in general apply to the Internet.

When Oakes Writing creates websites, pages, and blogs, natural, sensible, helpful links are included. These are both useful to readers and send a signal to the search engines that the site is valuable. In short, links add value to your site.

Some Site Evaluations Conclude with Only a Need for Outbound Links

Although outbound links are included in everything we do, at times a site evaluation reveals that the only service needed for the site to perform better are outbound links. When this is the case, we offer outbound link-building on the site as a separate service.

This is rare, but if that is the case, that is all we will offer.

The Oakes Writing Guarantee applies even in the case of building links for enhanced traffic rankings.

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From 2010 to 2015, Oakes Writing developed web content for any kind of website, mostly business and real estate. However, starting in 2016, our founder C J Oakes took his passion and training in law to Law Firms. Noticing a trend, he recognized that a need existed to help Law Firms improve and grow their websites. Combining his skill in writing with his formal training in law and criminal justice, he decided to take Oakes Writing in a new direction…helping Law Firms exclusively.