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Did you know that the average person spends 177 minutes per day on their smart phone? Did you also know that most local searches originate using mobile devices including phones and tablets?

We make your site mobile friendly.

A business today cannot afford to have a website which is not mobile-friendly. If you have never given it much thought, take a look at a few of your favorite websites on your PC, your phone, and on a tablet. Notice a difference?

If not, the site is not optimized for mobile.

Navigating a website is very different on phones than it is on a PC. With a PC, the entire site is laid out with more of a magazine or newspaper feel, but on a phone, the site runs in single-column with menus and other tools for navigation laid out in a different way. This makes the site more user-friendly when viewed by phone.

With the standard website layout on a phone, a user must zoom in and move the screen around to find information. This is frustrating for most and the result is that visitors will leave the site sooner. Doing this negatively impacts both the bounce rate and the time on site.

These factors can drag a site down in the search results so that even if the site is optimized for local search and other parameters, the search engines will still ding it.

Mobile-Friendly Websites are a Must

We will work with any webmaster of your choosing, but if after conferring with them we find that the webmaster cannot or will not perform the needed actions to make the site mobile-friendly, we will offer a couple of solutions.

  1. Permit Oakes Writing to rebuild the site
  2. Use a Webmaster we recommend
  3. End the contract with Oakes Writing

End the Contract with Oakes Writing?

If the current webmaster cannot make the site mobile-friendly, this is a sign that the webmaster does not know what he/she is doing. We hate to put it that way, but it is the truth.

At Oakes Writing, we outsource such things so that we can focus on the content provided. For this reason, we are happy to work with an existing webmaster. But we cannot budge when it comes to having a mobile-friendly site.

So the options above are simple. If the existing webmaster cannot make the site mobile-friendly and for whatever reason the Firm cannot end that contract, we will be unable to proceed with helping on our end.

Permit Oakes Writing to Rebuild the Law Firm Site

Although we prefer to stay out of the building portion of a website, we will, under very specific circumstances build or rebuild a website for a client. In so doing, we use WordPress as a building platform for a couple of good reasons:

  • WordPress is simple and fast.
  • We can teach you and your staff to work in the platform and so eventually take over if you wish.
  • WordPress is flexible.
  • WordPress provides excellent mobile-friendly features.

Use a Webmaster we Recommend

If you want to keep the website as is but change webmasters, we can provide a list of those who will do right by your Law Firm. They will work with us moving forward to ensure that your site is perfect and will make it mobile-friendly.

This would be our preference and recommendation if the Law Firm never plans on any kind of a ‘hands-on’ approach. If the Firm would like to take control at some point in the future or even partial control, we advise rebuilding in WordPress, which we will gladly do.

Regardless of the choice, a Law Firm cannot afford to NOT have a mobile-friendly website. Aside from hurting the site in search rankings, the Firm is flatly losing prospective clients before they ever learn how great it is.

If you would like to learn more about making your Law Firm website mobile-friendly,

Call Oakes Writing Now at 337-660-4774

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