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three fake websites in black on white with the caption reading, A website is a marketing tool but sadly, most law firms and other professionals do not have a marketing plan for their website. This is where a good content marketing manager can make all the difference. Get one today.

Oakes Writing Website Services Develops Content Marketing Plans

No website should be built without first having a sound content marketing plan in effect. That said, if a website is already operational but not gaining the traction desired, a good marketing plan can get it growing. There are only a few key reasons to launch any website:

There are only a few key reasons to operate a website:

  • Support for an offline organization
  • Online sales
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Support for online organizations

That pretty much sums up every website on the Internet, but in every case, there needs to be content. In every case, the content must fit with the guiding purpose of the organization or business represented. In every case, the content must appeal to a certain market, the target market.

Target Markets and Content Marketing

Image of bare bush and a full, green bush with Question. "Which resembles Your Website?" Caption reads, Growing a website is like growing anything: Care and attention is required. Knowing what to feed the website is as important as knowing what to feed a tree or bush for optimal growth. Image source:
Growing a website is like growing anything: Care and attention is required. Knowing what to feed the website is as important as knowing what to feed a tree or bush for optimal growth. Image source:

Whether the website serves to support an offline business or is the business, a website has a market just as any organization has a market. People go to McDonald’s for cheap, reasonably good tasting food. People go to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for the sizzle. People shop for Nike, New Balance, or other athletic shoes when they want to engage in sports activities but seek out Justin, Wolverine, or something similar when they want a work boot.

The point is, Nike may market to the same people as Justin, but not in the same way. The marketing message must match both the target market and the product. A website is no different.

So, at Oakes Writing Website Services one of the key things we do for our clients is to help them develop a sound Content Marketing Plan and strategy if they do not already have one. How do we do this?

Elements of a Good Content Marketing Plan

As with any marketing plan, there must be a clear goal, strategies to reach the goal, and tactics employed for making use of the strategies. A website is, in essence, a tactic, a tool, yet it is more.

A website is a tool in the larger marketing plan of a business, but because it exists in the virtual world, there should be a separate, yet complimentary marketing plan for the site.

The elements of a good content marketing plan are:

  1. A clear goal
  2. Sound strategies for reaching the goal
  3. Smart, measurable tactics for implementing the strategies

When we discuss building your marketing plan and strategy, following are some of the questions we will ask. Whether you choose to use Oakes Writing Website Services or not, you owe it to yourself to consider these matters carefully then build a marketing plan that responds well to each.

  • The goals for the website/company (Top Five at least)
  • Purpose of the business/website (Mission statement)
  • The advantages/benefits of what you offer/provide (What makes your website special; worth spending time on?)
  • Do you have long or short sales cycles for your product or service?
  • What is the frequency of purchase if you offer products or services?
  • What is the current market perception of your company, products, services, or website?
  • How would you like the company to be perceived? Positioned in the marketplace?
  • Is this message already conveyed in existing website content?
  • Is the message consistent and regular?
  • Is there a blog and is it used properly?
  • How will we convey this message in the content created?
  • How can this be conveyed on social media channels?
  • Which social media is currently used with the website/company?
  • Is the social media use consistent and regular?
  • Who are your customers? (Your target market)
  • What motivates your target market to purchase from you?
  • What will motivate your TM to visit your website?
  • What makes your website/business different from all others?
  • Complete a SWOT analysis.
  • How does pricing fit with the market and competition?
  • Where do your customers come from currently? (How are they obtained?)
  • How do your customers currently obtain your product, competitive products, or similar services?
  • Have you conducted customer satisfaction surveys?
  • Do you advertise your website?
  • Do you use an analytics platform to discover marketing data?
  • Do you analyze then update pages on your website regularly?
  • Does your website make proper use of linking strategies?
  • Is there a simple call-to-action on every page?

Isn’t this a lot of information to gather just to grow a website?

Yes, it is. But the simple fact is that most of your competitors will not put forth the effort needed to grow their website. By some estimates, a new website is created every five minutes yet oddly, 99.95% of those will fail. Less than a twentieth of a percent of websites launched will achieve any degree of success. What makes the difference between success and failure with a website?

Simply put, it is the same thing that makes the difference in the offline business: Effort.

Most people fail in business because when it becomes too hard, they give up. Often, the reason the business becomes too difficult is that too little attention is given to how the business will grow and sustain cash flow. A website is no different.

If a website is not able to grow, it will not help grow the business. When this happens, most website owners either give up, look for answers, or look for someone who can help them.

However, the Internet is full of Gurus who make grand promises yet fail to deliver.

Image of tall oak tree with justice scales hanging to either side, Oakes Writing in brown over the tree and Website Traffic Guaranteed in blue above that. Caption reads, Why do we guarantee traffic to your law firm website? Because we can.
Why do we guarantee traffic to your website? Because we can.

This is where Oakes Writing Website Services differs.

We not only promise to grow your website, we back that promise up with our Guarantee. We guarantee to grow your website or you get your money back.

We can do this because we know that growing a website requires having a plan, a sound content marketing plan that implements strategies and tactics to grow the site. By creating a content marketing plan for your website that mirrors your offline business (if you have one), we bring your website to life.

If you need a good content marketing plan or already have one and would like help implementing your content marketing strategies, call 337-660-4774 or complete the simple form below.