Website Education

Aristotle is credited with saying,

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

At Oakes Writing Website Services, we believe in not only providing outstanding content marketing solutions for our clients but that we should also educate them. For this reason, we have decided to be very open about what we do, how we do it, and why.

What We Do at Oakes Writing Website Services, Lubbock, Texas

Maybe it is the cool, yet accommodating winters; maybe it is the dry, arid climate of the South Plains; maybe it is the warm, friendly people of the region. We do not know what it is about Lubbock, Texas, but something makes people here want to give back, to contribute to society, to help others. The best way we can think of, aside from creating your website for you, is to educate you so you can do it yourself.

So, unlike most Internet content marketing firms, we decided to add education pages to our website. Instead of constantly creating short blogs which serve little purpose other than to “sell” what we can do for you, we decided to create in-depth articles to teach you. It is like the ancient adage,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life.”

We agree. So we are going to teach. We are going to use this site not only to let customers know what we can do for them but also teach them how to do for themselves. Of course, you are still welcome to outsource to us, but is it not better if you know how to do it and decide otherwise than to be forced into the choice?

The “What we do?” is easy:

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Careful collaboration is at the core of what we do at Oakes Writing Website Services. Source:

Oakes Writing Website Services creates and carries out customized content marketing plans for clients which meet the demands of both search engines and readers. This way, our clients gain traction amid the growing clutter of the Internet. Our clients’ websites get results because we provide readers with something of value, rather than the same old material found everywhere else.

This is especially true of Law Firm websites, most of which appeared to have been written by one person who then spun the pages to suit each client location. We continually see the same, tired, boring message on legal websites and neither the public nor the search engines pay it any attention. We take a different approach, crafting every page according to the values and personalities of our client firm’s partners. We make our clients approachable and show them to be part of their community. We make them stand out.

We take a different approach, crafting every page according to the values and personalities of our client firm’s partners. We make our clients approachable and show them to be part of their community. We make them stand out.

How We Do What We Do

The how requires time and effort. Just as the Romanesque Public Library was not built in a day, the library we call a website cannot be simply slapped up. Building a fine structure takes effort, attention to detail, and the skills of a craftsman who knows what is needed to make the structure stand for ages.

In like manner, at Oakes Writing Website Services, we take the time to get to know our clients. Every Law Firm has its strengths. Each has partners who have chosen their legal specialization for a reason. Perhaps a firm representing Mesothelioma patients lost a parent to this disease. Another may be a criminal defense attorney because she believes in the Bill of Rights as a cornerstone of the nation. Yet another may focus on family law because his parents split when he was in grade school.

We encourage our clients to tell these stories, to let the public know they are not just in business to make a dime (or quarter).

Then, we go further and learn the full story of our clients. We want to know such things as:

  • What year did you graduate pre-law?
  • What degree did you earn?
  • Why that one?
  • What kind of challenges did you face in Law School?
  • What did these teach you?
  • What do you believe? What are your values?
  • Are you more like Perry Mason or Saul Goodman?
  • Saul Goodman or his brother?
  • Have you seen ‘Better Call Saul?’
  • What did you want to be when you were 8?
  • What is your family life like?
  • Where do you like to take your family when eating out?
  • Where do you like to vacation?
  • What is your favorite color and why?

You get the idea.

Why We Ask Such Strange Questions and How This Helps Build a Better Website?

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When we help a client, the first thing we do is evaluate their website. Source:

Although the answers to these questions will not likely appear on a client website, they give us insight into what kind of person he/she is. The answers tell us how to shape the Law Firm’s website in order to be more ‘human,’ more appealing to people finding the site.

The goal of developing a content marketing plan for any Law Firm website should be to reach people, to touch their hearts, and win their trust. Did you not learn this in Law School? That to win a case before a jury, you must make your client likable? Appealing? Trustworthy?

Doing this is just as important when framing out a website. Reaching readers on an emotional level, getting them to trust your firm is what brings them to your door.

Three Key Reasons Most Law Firm Websites Fail to Achieve their Goals

There are really just three key reasons the average law firm website fails to achieve their goals. These are:

  1. Lack of Goals/a Plan
  2. Failure to Stand Out As Different with Readers
  3. Failure to Stand Out As Different with Search Engines

The first one is obvious. Most websites are put up with little through about how the site will contribute to the overall marketing plan of the Firm. In other words, they lack a website marketing plan. No plan is the same as having no goal. No goal is the same as having no target. If there is no target, how can the target be reached?

Clearly, it cannot.

So the first thing that any Law Firm needs to do to grow their business using their website is to develop a content marketing plan.

Without a marketing plan for the website, you may as well just donate the money to a local charity. You will get far more from it.

In these pages, we will strive to help you develop marketing plans and learn to use the tools to build on that plan. We will teach what is needed to grow an Internet presence that will multiply your business exponentially. To what extent you do what we teach is up to you. You can catch big fish or minnows, boatloads or baskets.

The second thing that is needed is to make your website stand out to those who manage to find it.

All too often, we find websites that have plenty of words on the page but say little more than any other Law Firm with a website. Consider a few opening lines from Law Firm websites around the nation (to protect the innocent, we have stricken vital information):

  • “The XXX law firm of XXX is a team of well-respected, highly experienced family lawyers dedicated solely to the practice of family law in XXX.
  • “If you have suffered an injury and loss because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the legal right to protect your financial future.
  • “When you’ve been in an accident, having the right attorney handling your case is the most important decision you’ll make.”
  • “At XXX, we are more than just our awards and accolades. We do what we do to help people because we firmly believe that innocent victims of injury deserve compensation, at the very least, for their injuries.”

Now seriously, do any of these websites really say anything the other does not? Here is what they are all saying to potential clients:

  • “We are the best.”
  • “You deserve to get paid.”
  • “We are respectable.”
  • “You need a good attorney.”
Image of tall oak tree with justice scales hanging to either side, Oakes Writing in brown over the tree and Website Traffic Guaranteed in blue above that. Caption reads, Why do we guarantee traffic to your law firm website? Because we can.
Why do we guarantee traffic to your law firm website? Because we can.

Now, let’s break those down the way readers (the public) will subconsciously read it.

  • “Blowing smoke up my…”
  • “Duh.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “Ya’ think?”

Are We Being Harsh? Unreasonable?

No, the simple fact is that when people find a website, the most important thing they seek is WIIFM – What’s in it for me? The brutal truth is that no one cares how great you are. They want to know what you can do for them, they want answers, and they want to know you care.

They are looking for someone they can trust, not trumpets honoring the site owners. They want to know that the site is owned by people, not alien-cookie-mill-search-bots-trying-to-sucker-them. They want to know that their problems can be solved. And when seeking a Law Firm, they want genuine reassurance. This is frequently lacking with Law Firm websites.

We are going to add pages to this section to explore how best to make your Law Firm stand out by adding a personal touch. Some firms are starting to get very creative; some are reverting to more traditional approaches. The goal is to stimulate ideas and help you set your Law Firm website on the right track. One of the first things we will discuss is how best to create a home, about, contact, and team pages.

Moving on.

The last item to be discussed is how to make the Firm’s website stand out among the search engines.

Search engines are even more unforgiving that people. They care not how good your website looks. In fact, the search crawlers are blind; they lack eyesight. This weighs against you. They only see what they can read. If what they read is the same as that found everywhere else, they ignore your site and move to the next.

The simple fact is that the search engines, dominated by Google, look for fresh, original information. When nearly every law firm offers roughly the same things, they must get very creative to stand out from the search engines.

What is the key to standing out among the search engines? Especially if you have a Law Firm website?

That is what we will address in great detail in the pages to follow.

Oakes Writing Website Services, Lubbock, Texas provides both content marketing solutions for Law Firms and other business professionals but also consulting and in-house training. As the Internet continues to evolve, confusion surrounding how best to reach readers grows. Oakes Writing Website Services believes that website owners now more than ever need access to reliable content marketing education.

The website and company are owned and operated by C J Oakes of Lubbock, Texas, USA. Mr. Oakes is also the creator of more than 100 books, two additional websites, and, and one beautiful boy.