Our Guarantee

At Oakes Writing, we guarantee our website services will produce both traffic online and busienss offline. We can do this because we largely restrict our website services to residents and businesses of Lubbock, Texas.

Results! Guaranteed.

The Internet has evolved to become the greatest marketing tool in history. Yet there continues to be much confusion regarding how to use it.

At Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, Texas, we have been working with clients online since 2009. In that time, we have seen massive changes in the way Google and the other search engines refer websites to searchers. We have also learned that the simplest and best approach is to be honest.

Google advises that websites provide value to their readers. If the site proves valuable, then the site and pages are recommended to searchers. At Oakes Writing, we can offer Guaranteed Results because we adhere strictly to that advice.

What This Means for Your Law Firm, Real Estate, or Financial Services Website

Unlike some website services, Oakes Writing takes a comprehensive approach AND because we have repeatedly proven our approach, we can offer a Guarantee like no other. In fact, our Guarantee is three-fold.

  1. Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock Guarantees accurate information and content written in YOUR Voice and Tone.
  2. Oakes Writing Guarantees that general traffic will increase to your website.
  3. Oakes Writing Guarantees that Local Traffic will increase to your website, which means that you will reach your Target Market AND increase your sales.

Isn’t that the point in having a website? To increase sales?

The keys to our Guarantee are Time and Accuracy

People go to the Internet for two things:

  • Entertainment
  • Information

Oakes Writing will recreate your website so that it achieves both of these goals. The content we create is both accurate and enjoyable to read. Informative, useful, engaging content keeps readers returning AND, more importantly, encourages them to link and share your web pages. This leads to more general traffic over time. But that is only part of the equation.

You need local traffic. 

We optimize each page so that the search engines know that you are a locally owned and operated business. This way, as your Internet footprint grows, the search engines will naturally refer more local searchers to your website and web pages.

For the first part of our Guarantee, we ask for a learning curve of three (3) months. This permits us to visit with you and learn how you speak, to learn the exact phrases and terms your market uses. This part of the Guarantee applies to all work performed by Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock.

For the second part of our Guarantee, we ask that you allow six (6) months to achieve results. If your website does not increase traffic to the extent we say it will in our written agreement, we work another six (6) months free of charge.

Note: To take advantage of the second part of our Guarantee as well as the third part, we require complete management of your website and at least three (3) social media accounts.

For the third part of our Guarantee, we ask for one (1) year. If your website does not see an increase in LOCAL traffic after that first year, we will continue to work on the site at no charge until it does. Or, if you prefer, we will refund every dollar you spent with us.

How Can Oakes Writing Offer Such a Guarantee?

Simple. As already stated, we have been helping website owners around the world build traffic to their sites for many years.

We know what the search engines look for and how to drive traffic to a website. For proof, consider just one example.

Image of website stats from WordPress dashboard. Caption reads, Proof of Concept for Oakes Writing Website Services features the website stats for CriminalJusticeLaw.org. CC Image by Attribution OakesWriting.com
Proof of Concept for Oakes Writing Website Services shows the website stats for CriminalJusticeLaw.org. To view a larger version, click the image. CC Image by Attribution OakesWriting.com, Lubbock, Texas

The above website was built as a proof of concept. We built CriminalJusticeLaw.org fro, scratch starting in mid-June 2016 and have grown traffic using ONLY Search Traffic to more than 1500 visits per month in March 2017.

We can do the same for your website.

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