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About Wolfforth, TX

Wolfforth, Texas is often viewed as a suburb of Lubbock, TX. Nothing could be further from the truth. A community dating to 1916 when the Santa Fe Railroad served the Texas Panhandle, the city is named for George Wolfforth who was one of the first settlers to the area. From its beginning, the city has held to a proud tradition of being friendly, diligent, and hard-working. The people of Wolfforth are among the kindest in the region and today it boasts one of the best school districts in the state.

Wolfforth is a City on the Move

English: Map of Lubbock County, Texas highligh...
English: Map of Lubbock County, Texas highlighting Wolfforth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Frenship School District, its business-friendly environment, and easy access to Lubbock, Wolfforth has become a city which is attracting families. It is a wonderful place to raise children; especially so if they are in High School. Frenship High is a 6A school and boasts that it is a Collegiate Prep High School offering students up to 60 credit hours towards a degree program prior to graduation. This has resulted in a higher-than-average level of education in the city.

Perhaps this is part of the reason Wolfforth is home to so many successful businesses in the South Plains of Texas.

Whatever the reason, Wolfforth is a city on the move. For instance, whereas Lubbock County and is experiencing considerable growth, Wolfforth is seeing the lions share of that — from 2000 to 2014, the city population grew by 60.4%. In 2015, the median income in the city was $78,592 whereas in 2000, it was $37,465. In fact, the city income exceeds the Texas average considerably. The median income in Texas for 2015 was $55,653. (Figures provided by City-Data)

Clearly Wolfforth, Texas is doing something very right.

One of the biggest reasons Wolfforth is experiencing such economic and population growth has to do with the school district. Business leaders and other professionals like any parents want the best for their kids. So, many of the most successful folks in Lubbock County are moving into the Frenship School District. This can be seen in the considerable rise in average property values.

In 2000, the average home value in Wolfforth was $52,900. By 2015 it had risen to $168,727. Anyone living in Lubbock can take a ride to the city to see this change. Where once stood cotton fields, fluffy with their white gold, now stand modern subdivisions bustling with families.

Oakes Writing Would Like to Help Wolfforth Business Owners

Anyone who owns a business wants to see their business grow. As Bill Gates once famously said, “If a business isn’t growing, it is dying.” True.

Part of growing a business today is making good use of the Internet. The Internet has brought massive opportunities for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. It has also brought more anxiety to running a business.

Gone are the days when a business owner simply built a brick and mortar structure, launched, hired smart, reliable folks to help, and found a good advertiser to support the company marketing plan. Running a website requires a whole new set of marketing tools and principles. Care must be taken that the information provided both serves the goals of the company while drawing the right traffic via search engines. There is SEO, SEM, Link-building, Social Media, and many other concepts that the average business owner does not have time to research and master.

So, like most other services, the development and operation of the website must be outsourced.

This is where Oakes Writing comes in.

Since 2010, Oakes Writing has been providing website services for business owners. Our focus is on great writing – blogs and articles. We do this because we trust what Google says.

“Give visitors the information they’re looking for

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At Oakes Writing, that is what we have been doing for our clients from the inception. Because of this, it does not matter if a client is located in Wolfforth, Lubbock, or anywhere else in the South Plains of Texas. It matters not if the website supports a business in Hong Kong or New Jersey — the principle is the same — give readers ‘helpful information.’

We know that only by writing entertaining, educational, informative blogs and articles will our clients websites experience the traffic results they seek.

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