A website evaluation is a valuable tool for any online business. For a Law Firm with a struggling website, it is a must.

A detailed website evaluation will show you…

  • Why the Firm’s website is not performing as it should.

  • Where potential clients are going if not to your site.

  • How to fix the website to draw in prospective clients.

Oakes Writing can perform an In-depth analysis of your Law Firm’s website. And, if you sign up before the timer expires, your evaluation will be free.

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All we ask in return is that you permit us a few minutes to discuss the findings, at which point, you may choose our services or may not. There will be no pressure to buy anything. We will simply show you what we can do and you decide. You are under no obligation.

We do this because we are a small firm. We only select a few clients with whom to work at any given time.

If you are reaching this page because we phoned you, it means we would like to work with your Firm. But openings are limited so be sure to take advantage of our 100 Point Website Evaluation today.

And remember, if you sign up before the counter ends, the evaluation will be free. Act now.

The Oakes Writing 100 Point Website Evaluation

The Oakes Writing 100 point website evaluation is only for Law Firm clients. It consists of over 100 items including:

  1. Ratings provided by 3rd Party sources
  2. Website Loading Time
  3. Existing traffic
  4. Site Map issues
  5. Individual Page assessments including Home
  6. Terms
  7. About
  8. Privacy
  9. Contact
  10. Practice Areas
  11. Blog
  12. Testimonials
  13. News
  14. Assessment of navigation elements including header
  15. Footer
  16. side navigation
  17. main navigation
  18. Special navigation
  19. Copyright/Trademark protections
  20. Cookies
  21. Average time visitors spend on site (if available)
  22. Bounce Rate (if available)
  23. Expanded demographics (if available)
  24. Common searches in locating the site
  25. Related searches
  26. Suggested keywords (subjects) for locating the site
  27. Competitor analysis including
  28. Key online competitors
  29. Where visitors go after reaching your site
  30. Where traffic comes from currently
  31. Community information
  32. Target market review
  33. Social media connections
  34. On-Page SEO
  35. Site SEO
  36. Link analysis including inbound
  37. Outbound
  38. and internal links
  39. 404 alerts (if available)
  40. URL data
  41. URL Ease of use
  42. Three-click navigation
  43. Page & Site Update analysis
  44. 20 Point Analysis of each page on the site including
  45. Calls-to-action
  46. Widgets
  47. Advertising on page
  48. Main content assessment including
  49. Content length
  50. Content layout
  51. Grammar
  52. Spelling
  53. Meta-information
  54. Keywords/subject
  55. Content properly developed
  56. Content referenced
  57. General Citations
  58. Legal Citations
  59. Careers/Jobs page
  60. Professional Organizations
  61. Other credentials
  62. Memberships
  63. Case results
  64. Phone number
  65. Ease of contact
  66. Attorney pages
  67. Overall ease of use
  68. Clarity of Address/Location
  69. Map?
  70. Directions?
  71. For each office?
  72. Departments?
  73. Current daily visits
  74. Unique visits
  75. Returning traffic
  76. Average daily traffic
  77. Time spent per visit
  78. Demographics (if available) including Education level
  79. Age of visitors
  80. Gender of visitors
  81. Average income of visitors
  82. Other sites your visitors use
  83. Browsing location
  84. Type of device used
  85. Quick tap phone access via mobile?
  86. Appearance across various devices including
  87. PC
  88. Mobile
  89. Tablet
  90. Potential issues related to appearance
  91. Ease of navigation on mobile devices
  92. Tablets
  93. Images and video assessments including
  94. Linked?
  95. Tagged?
  96. Tagged properly?
  97. Good descriptions?
  98. Alt Text included?
  99. Captions used?
  100. YouTube Presence?

The Oakes Writing 100-Point Website Evaluation and Beyond…

Unlike some content marketing firms which simply say, “Pay us and we’ll work wonders” then fail to deliver on the goods, we go through your Law Firm website carefully then work on what is needed.

The price for this service is only $599.

In keeping with our promise to develop traffic and our core value of Responsiblity, the Oakes Writing Website Evaluation allows our clients to determine the true value of our services.


To request an Evaluation of Your Law Firm’s Website,

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Oakes Writing is a content marketing firm located in Lubbock, Texas, USA. Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been creating content for the Internet. Prior to that, Oakes Writing developed ghost-written books for clients nationwide. Most of these were created for traditional print media, but with the rise of eBooks, this focus shifted to include shorter books for email marketing, extensive books for impressing clients, technical manuals, and books for any other purpose required by clients.

From 2010 to 2015, Oakes Writing developed web content for any kind of website, mostly business and real estate. However, starting in 2016, our founder C J Oakes took his passion and training in law to Law Firms. Noticing a trend, he recognized that a need existed to help Law Firms improve and grow their websites. Combining his skill in writing with his formal training in law and criminal justice, he decided to take Oakes Writing in a new direction…helping Law Firms exclusively.