Hiring Phone Reps

Simple Work for Shut-Ins

Oakes Writing has simple work for anyone who cannot leave the house. All you need is a phone.

OakesWriting.com offers content marketing services to Law Firms nationwide and is currently offering a free website evaluation for new clients.

This is a commission-based position, BUT requires NO selling. We do the selling.

What I need are people to simply contact Law Firms in their area and read a simple, one-minute script. We do the rest.

Ready to earn a pile of cash? If you can pick up a phone and send people to our website, you have the ability to earn a great at-home income.

When we make a sale, you will receive a commission based on the sale.

Because our services are recurring, the sale you make today will continue to pay you month after month. An average commission is about $100…Every month.

Clearly, the more people we can sell through your efforts, the more you make, each month. Although you are free to work at your own pace, we also offer production bonuses. By exceeding production goals you also earn monthly and annual bonuses in addition to recurring monthly commissions.

We pay by either PayPal or by check.

Send an email stating why we should choose you and be sure to include your email address, phone, and the best time to call.

We are looking for people nationwide at this time so don’t be shy. Send email to CJOakes@OakesWriting.com or complete the simple form below.

Territories are protected and limited to one rep per location, so hurry.