The Oakes Writing Mission: To help Professional Business Owners such as Law Firms and Real Estate Agencies develop targeted traffic to their websites, then get that traffic into their offices where it counts.

To this end, we adhere to these Core Values:


We believe that to best help the Law Firms we serve, we must strive at all times to provide accurate information. Although we ask that each attorney client review each page to be added to their site, there should be no changes needed to the content.

Because we serve Law Firms nationwide, which operate not only in their respective states but also in Federal Courts, great care is taken to ensure that content is as up-to-date as possible. To this end, we rely on several legal resources including…

  • Nolo
  • Justia
  • FindLaw
  • State Statutes
  • Federal Statutes
  • Columbia Law Statutes online

To provide the most accurate content, we cross-reference these sources before proceeding with the writing. The final review by our clients is to be certain that we didn’t miss anything. Our goal is to provide 100% accurate legal information at all times.


Our service includes regular updates to content, checking for continued accuracy as changes to law occur. This has the added bonus of enhancing Search Engine Optimization, which helps our client sites continue to grow.

We believe that excellence is achieved when perfection is the goal. We know that we will not always get it right, but in striving for perfection, we can provide our Law Firms with excellent content.

In turn, that content gets shared, linked to, and liked. This in turn leads to more traffic which leads to more clients for the Firm.


In order to achieve the results we promise our clients, we implement a simple, yet powerful concept. Search engines are designed to locate content and websites which use three principles effectively and honestly. These are:

  1. Content
  2. Credibility
  3. Networks

Content must be continually flowing into the site, building an ever-growing body of knowledge for readers. Content must also be constantly updated and checked for accuracy. Content must demonstrate the expertise of the Law Firms Attorneys.

Credibility on websites is the same as any other business. Visitors must be able to easily identify those in charge, have a reliable means of contact, and quickly learn whether the site (Law Firm or business) can help them. In addition, any credentials such as professional organizations to which the Firm is associated should be on display. This provides visitors with confidence in the Firm. Confidence grows business.

Networks exist in any business. Marketing is a method of developing networks. Passing out business cards, providing excellent service, and making sure the public knows how to reach a Law Firm are all networks. On the Internet, networks are established through back-links on other websites, social media, social bookmarking sites, and directories.

By using a careful and balanced combination of these three principles, Oakes Writing develops targeted traffic for our clients. We set specific traffic targets because the only way to reach a goal is to have one.

We mean business. We get results.


Finally, we believe that only by being accountable for our actions can we achieve the results we promise.

To this end, we have implemented the strongest Guarantee in the industry. No content marketing firm today guarantees results like Oakes Writing.

Give us six months to produce results or we work another six months free. If after that we still fail to get the projected results, we refund every dollar you spent. (Read our Guarantee in full here).

This guarantee makes us very accountable to our clients and produces results like no other content marketing firm to be found.

Oakes Writing Means Business

At Oakes Writing, we mean business. We have spent years studying the Internet, Search Engines, Social Media, and more. We have been writing for clients online for nearly a decade and in that time have learned what works and what does not.

Just as your clients rely on your expertise, our clients rely on ours. Makes sense, right?

Your clients sign with you because you know the law. They sign with you because you are an expert.

Our clients sign with us for the same reasons. Plus, we help your clients see your expertise.

Flyer used by Oakes Writing to illustrate a good versus a poor website using bushes, one bare, one full and lush.

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Oakes Writing is a content marketing firm located in Lubbock, Texas, USA. Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been creating content for the Internet. Prior to that, Oakes Writing developed ghost-written books for clients nationwide. Most of these were created for traditional print media, but with the rise of eBooks, this focus shifted to include shorter books for email marketing, extensive books for impressing clients, technical manuals, and books for any other purpose required by clients.

From 2010 to 2015, Oakes Writing developed web content for any kind of website, mostly business and real estate. However, starting in 2016, our founder C J Oakes took his passion and training in law to Law Firms. Noticing a trend, he recognized that a need existed to help Law Firms improve and grow their websites. Combining his skill in writing with his formal training in law and criminal justice, he decided to take Oakes Writing in a new direction…helping Law Firms exclusively.

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